mod_qlcontact displays:

  • contact details - either a fix contact or the very contact selected.
  • contact details - according to the user who generated the article (author display) and whose contact data are linked with that user

E. g. you can show the pic, name an e-mail address of the very author who has generated the current article.

  • mod_qlcontact 1.7
    31.10.2014, en-GB, de-DE, fr-FR
    For Ludwig!
  • mod_qlcontact 1.6
    12.03.2013, en-GB, de-DE, fr-FR
    Now in French, too!
    Thanks you very much, Ludovic Mottini, for translating mod_qlcontact and making life easier for French Joomla! users
  • mod_qlcontact 1.5
    12.03.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    jsonification for selectfields added - in case sb. would like to generate an override with additional fields
  • mod_qlcontact 1.4
    25.01.2013, en-GB, de-DE