mod_qlcontent displays parts of the article data in a module position. E. g. you can show the fulltext image and/or url etc. in the sidebar while article itself is displayed in component.

  • mod_qlcontent 6.4
    05.03.2014, en-GB, de-DE
    Lit' bugfix.
  • mod_qlcontent 6.3.3
    26.02.2014, en-GB, de-DE
    Nice little feature: Display read more: (a) always, (b) when needed
  • mod_qlcontent 6.3.2
    21.02.2014, en-GB, de-DE
    Minor Bugfix concerning category display ... what you find when working with the own extensions ... ts ts
  • mod_qlcontent 6.3.1
    21.02.2014, en-GB, de-DE
    Two more options for date display
  • mod_qlcontent 6.3
    14.02.2014, en-GB, de-DE
    Articles now are visible due to user's authorization.
  • mod_qlcontent 6.2.2
    18.11.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    Minor Bugfix (adding the limit in the setQuery() command), so limit works now
  • mod_qlcontent 6.2.1
    13.10.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    Bugfix, things like that happen when one is working despite of having a flu
  • mod_qlcontent 6.2
    08.10.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    featured articles settings - you can choose now whther to include or ignore the featured state; new: cut introtext according to number of words/chars
  • mod_qlcontent 6.0
    02.09.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    looks as usual, but inside as good as new due to better template administration ("JModuleHelper::getLayoutPath", yeah!, at last) and usage of J! JQuery class for database queries (that was neccessary as well).
    Further on: minimal bugfixes concerning display of captions, display of edit, print and e-mail icons.
    If you should find an error in the new version, don't keep it, just contact me, I'll fix it:-)
  • mod_qlcontent 5.8
    21.06.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    minimaler Bugfix
  • mod_qlcontent 5.7
    26.05.2013, en-GB, de-DE
  • mod_qlcontent 5.6
    14.01.2013, en-GB, de-DE
  • mod_qlcontent 5.5
    13.01.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    Adding two more views cancerning categories
  • mod_qlcontent 5.4
    13.01.2013, en-GB, de-DE
    Bugfix for categories view
  • mod_qlcontent 5.1
    01.01.2013, en-GB, de-DE new feature: Pagination(!!!), Ordering by col 'ordering'
Article data
Category data

mod_qlform offers the following display types:

  • data of single article
  • data of current or fix  article
  • data of articles of current or fix category/categories
  • data of current or fix category/categories

The following data is available for display of articles:

  • title
  • author
  • category
  • introtext
  • fulltext
  • readmore
  • intro image
  • fulltext image
  • created
  • modified
  • published up
  • url a
  • url b
  • url c

The following data is available for display of categories:

  • title
  • description
  • note
  • picture
  • user
  • created
  • modified