mod_qlmenu displays:

  • all common menu item types (like J! core mod_menu)
  • business as usual concerning menu level display (like J! core mod_menu)
  • new: new kind of display of menu item type "content category": show articles of category within menu - amount can be limited
  • new: new kind of display of menu item type "featured articles": show featured articles within menu - amount can be limited
  • new: when displaying e. g. from 2nd level on, you can choose,
    • if you want to adjust the menu to the menu state (and show only 2nd level menu items that are current) or
    • if you want the menu to ignore the menu state and show all.
  • new: cut article titles short according to module settings counting a certain number of characters or words
  • Enjoy!
How to make it work:
Generate a menu item of the com_content blog type.
That very menu item will have subentries
containing your articles' titles.
  • mod_qlmenu 2.2
    30.01.2014, en-GB, de-DE,
    another rotten bug fixed:-)
  • mod_qlmenu 2.1.1
    15.01.2014, en-GB, de-DE,
    menu/module is not displayed when menu is empty or all entries are hidden.
  • mod_qlmenu 2.1
    04.01.2014, en-GB, de-DE, more beautiful inside; easier overrides; cleaner code; debugging mode added; administrative design optimized
  • mod_qlmenu 1.3
    26.09.2013, en-GB, bugfix (deletion of development file)

Mark: If you mod_qlmenu version 1.2 does not work, delete
development file
modules/mod_qlmenu/tmpl/default-2013-07-02.php, that I
incidently left in the template folder. Then it should work:-)
An upgrade will NOT fix the problem (as this file won't be
deleted with an upgrade, got to do it manually.

Deletion via FTP or within your file system.


  • mod_qlmenu 1.2
    Watch out: This version contains a bug
    25.09.2013, en-GB, more beauty fix than bugfix
  • mod_qlmenu 1.1
    13.09.2013, en-GB, minor bugfix
  • mod_qlmenu 1.0.1
    11.07.2013, en-GB