qltab generates tabs within an article.

The plugin uses either the internal styles (if "use plugin style" set to "yes"). Then you can set background and font colors via the plugin. Otherwise it will use the templates' stylings (if "use plugin style" set to "no"). 


  • 08.09.2014 qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v2.0.zip
    new version of jQuery; beautiful template within a plugin (just for ME, for the code looks so much better now); hopefully also containing a bugfix for Ralf considering multi-usage of qltabs on a single page.
  • 27.06.2014 qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v1.5.5.zip
    new version of jQuery; moving on to jQuery no-conflict mode - for Henning!
  • qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v1.5.4.zip
    new version of jQuery; moving on to jQuery no-conflict mode - thank you, Fabrizio, so this very version is for you!
  • qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v1.5.3.zip
    new version of jQuery offered for alternative usage (2.x), see here; little bugfix concerning inclusion of js files - for Ruth!
  • qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v1.5.2.zip
    tab activation is selectable via url
  • qltabs-j2.5-j3.0-v1.5.1.zip
    Minor bugfix concerning background colour:-)
    Works on 2.5, too:-)
  • qltabs-j3.0-v1.5.zip
    new Feature: background and font color can be set in backend.
  • qltabs-j3.0-v1.4.zip

Syntax is as follows (of course without '):

  • opening tag: {'qltab title="Tab title"}
  • new opening tag: {'qltab title="Another tab title"}
  • end tag: {'/qltabs}

Activate special tab via url

  • add tab ids in url as follows
  • http://yourlink.com/index.php/some-link?qltab=qltab0-1
  • http://yourlink.com/index.php/some-link?qltab=qltab0-2,qltab1-3
  • find out id of tab:
    • either via firebug
    • or via sourcecode
    • or via thinking
      • qltab0-1 means first tab cluster (1=0+1), therein the first tab (1)
      • qltab1-3 means second tab cluster (2=1+1), therein the third tab (3)
      • so counting of first number starts with 0, maybe I fix that someday:-)


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PS: I wrote this extension for Joomla! 3.0; for a nice extension I used to use in J! 2.5 wouldn't work here. So I helped myself. Hope you like it.