Add tag {'qlwiki'} into article text. Via url parameter you can connect to a wiki; e. g.: {'qlwiki url='}.

  • plg_qlwiki-j2.5-j3-v1.4 miner bugfix, thank you, Nikolas - though you needed support concerning something else!
  • plg_qlwiki-j2.5-j3-v1.3 miner bugfix, thank you, Steve!
  • plg_qlwiki-j2.5-j3-v1.2 Another version of qlwiki - for Don!
    Separator: -_-
    New Features: even wiki urls with , in the url now can be displayed. Therefore we had to change our separator, so watch out, when upgrading!
  • plg_qlwiki-j2.5-j3-v1.1 Second version of qlwiki - for Don!
    Separator: ,
    New Features: get content via curl to avoid conflict with unchangable php.ini settings; enter full url to get your wiki (without title attribute)
  • plg_qlwiki-j2.5-j3-v1.0 First version of qlwiki! Enjoy!

If you use a local, private wiki; enter the url in {'qlwiki'} tag or simply use the default settings of plugin in backend. (Of course without '; if I used ' here, iut wouldn't display the tags but the wiki entry;-)