Add tag {'qlwiki'} in article text (of course without '; if I did it here the tag wouldn't be displayed;-). Via url parameter you can connect to a wiki; e. g.: {'qlwiki url='}. If you use a local, private wiki; enter the url in {'qlwiki'} tag or simply use the default settings of plugin in backend. Separate one attribute from the other via the separator -_-

Every default setting can be overridden in tag itself; accessable params are:

  • url - e. g. for wikipedia - or for a local wiki as well like http://wiki.local?title=Joomla or http://wiki.local/Joomla
  • action - e. g. 'render', I can't imagine a case when to set action not to render; but just in case you need it set
  • title - for local wiki to get entry intended; ! replace blank space ' ' by underscore '_' !
  • login - set yes for your local, private wiki if locked behind a login
  • user - e. g. 'wikiuser', for local, private wiki locked behind a login
  • password - e. g. 'yourPassword$!??', for local, private wiki locked behind a login
  • useragent - string
  • edit - e. g. 0=never; 1=always; 2 = only Super Administrators


  • some wiki (that has entry 'Joomla') set in params :{'qlwiki title=Joomla'}
  • Wikipedia: {'qlwiki url='}
  • Wikipedia: {'qlwiki url= -_- edit=0-_- action=render}, mind the separator -_-!!!
  • {'qlwiki url= edit=0}