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What about a roundhouse kick ...?

I love coding. My extensions are for free. Wanna say thanks? You're welcome!


Otherwise, who knows, Mr. Norris might want to roundhousekick you ...

In general

This module places a "punch" button on the website. Clicking that button all texts of the very website are replaced by Chuck Norris facts.

You might consider to make the module using your own blindtext or the content of an article. If you do, make sure you use brute force!

Btw Chuck Norris never uses this module, ever. He mentally hacks into website texts to replace them.


Install the module and assign it to a module position. The parameters wor as follows:

  • Source: choose the source from which to load text from.
  • Chuck Norris facts within the module itself (default)
  • text: use text and buttons inserted in the module parameters below
  • article: use article of content component
  • Text: Text you might use for displaying website. Separate by linebreaks
  • Button: Text you might use for displaying website on buttons. Separate by linebreaks
  • Article ids: id of article whose text is to be displayed in website; only ONE article id

Chuck Norris does not use keyboard or mouse to acomplish this task. He uses willpower only and laughs while the parameters adjust themselves.



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