We created a number of extensions for the CMS Joomla!. 

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To call the plugin in article text add start tag {'qldiv} and end tag {'/qldiv} into article text (of course without '). The text inbetween the tags is going to be displayed in a div.

Additionally you can add an id, class name or style commands in the start tag, e. g.

  • {qldiv class="grey"} generates
  • {qldiv id=weather} generates
  • {qldiv style=background:red;font-size:10px;} generates

Mind to separate the attributes with comma


{qldiv id=weather,class=grey,style=background:red;font-size:10px;}Und hier ist ein Inhalt drin{/qldiv}


This tag generates


Und hier ist ein Inhalt drin/qldiv


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